2021 Lake Effect Half Marathon

Fri October 30 - Sat March 20 Directions
COVID-19 Race Modifications

For our 2021 Live Event, your entire race weekend experience will have changes put into place compared to how things were conducted in our previous events over the last 9 years. Your Race Director and his key staff have been personally working on or participating in LIVE events (running and triathlon) since July 2020 in the "new normal" environment. We are grateful for this and are bringing what works well to our event here and won't be bringing what didn't work well.

Keep in mind that these modifications and changes that we are using are in-line with things that you are already doing on a daily/weekly basis in these times.

Here is a summary of those changes:

  1. Race Staff and Volunteers will wear face masks.
  2. Athletes must wear face masks or face coverings when not racing including pre-race, start lineup and post-finish.
  3. No mass starts, athletes will select their start Corral/time when registering. Each Corral will be limited to 50 athletes (more details below).
  4. No onsite paper-based registration.  All registrations or changes will be handled ONLINE only.
  5. Most touch points have been significantly reduced (more details below).
  6. Additional hand cleaning / sanitation stations will be located throughout the venue.
  7. Free face masks will be available in the event that you do not have one.

Not everyone should race Live!  We encourage folks to instead register for our Virtual Event from the start or if there is a race week situation that comes up, to email us and request a switch to the Virtual Event or to request a Deferral to our 2022 Event. Now, more than ever, if you do not feel well and think that you might be sick (head cold, seasonal flu, COVID-19, etc) please DO NOT COME ON RACE WEEKEND.

Your safety and the safety of the volunteers is important and the race protocols and procedures being put into place comply with CDC guidance along with the reference material published by the USA Track & Field (USATF). Operationally, we've referred to a national set of 'best practices' shared with other Race Directors and been personally involved with Live Events "Post-Pandemic" of up to 1,000 Finishers including those sized events in New York State. Together with your active participation in complying with these requests/changes we will have a successful and safe event for all!

EVENT CHANGES "Play-by-Play"

  1. Pre-Race Packet Pickup (Thursday March 18th & Friday March 19th 2021) - Raymour & Flanigan in Dewitt, NY
    • Athletes will be required to wear face masks. 
    • Athletes will be required to follow social distancing and queue up spaced 6' apart.
    • Volunteers will wear face masks and will be behind "transparent screens" for handing out bibs & shirts. 
    • Athletes & Volunteers will be required to have an infrared thermometer check as well as affirmation of being symptom free. Temperature must be 100.2F or lower per CDC guidelines.
    • Athlete experience will be similar to what is experienced picking up "To Go Food Order" from a local food / restaurant.
  2. Race Day Parking - We plan on having 5 different locations plus overflow
    • Athletes or Volunteers will park orderly and safely in designated parking areas [details will be published later]
    • Upon exiting vehicle, face masks/coverings will be required
    • Athlete experience will be similar to what is experienced during a trip to the local grocery story or pharmacy.
  3. Race Day Packet Pickup (Saturday March 20th 2021)
    • Please refer to #1 "Pre-Race Packet Pickup" for guidance
    • Please adhere to YOUR assigned Corral/Start Time and DO NOT ARRIVE prior to 30min from assigned start.  Example, if your start time is 11am ET, please arrive no earlier than 10:30am ET.
  4. Pre-Race / Before You Start
    • Port-o-Potties will be available and spaced out. They will have hand sanitizer inside of them as well as sanitizing wipes. Please practice social distancing when queuing up to use them.
    • Sanitizing stations will be available in the area of start / finish etc.
    • Face masks or face coverings are required.  If you do not have one, one will be provided to you.
  5. Start Line / Starting Procedures
    • There will be no mass start!
    • Athletes, upon registration, select their desired starting Corral/time. At this time our first corral is at 9am ET and our last corral is at 11:10am ET. The registration platform will prevent athletes from picking a corral if it is full or if your expected finish time is too long. Bottom line is that our Start Line will be OPEN for ~2 hours!
    • Athletes will line up based on their assigned Corral.  We kindly request only the Corral getting underway be in the corral lineup and the NEXT one may socially distanced assemble in our "holding area".
    • Start Corral will be roughly 10ft wide by 150ft long. This will represent a 2 athlete wide by 25 athlete deep configuration.
    • "Time Trial" start --- Athletes will start two at a time and every 10 seconds.
    • Athletes will be required to have and pass an infrared thermometer check. Temperature must be 100.2F or lower per CDC guidelines.
    • Athletes must wear face masks / coverings prior to starting and must wait until they have gotten clear prior to lowering mask
    • Athlete experience will be similar to going thru TSA screening at the airport -- socially distanced queued up lines going thru the metal detectors
  6. On Course Expectations
    • Athletes must carry their face masks/coverings with them.
    • No spitting or snot rockets please.
    • Follow the designated race route and any direction/requests provided by our Law Enforcement partners or volunteers.
    • Discard any trash into designated trash cans.
    • Athlete experience will be similar to your training runs at a busy public park/space.
  7. On Course Aid Stations
    • Volunteers will be wearing face masks and gloves.
    • Volunteers will be posted at the aid stations to "monitor" them and will not be directly handing out water or sports drinks.
    • Athletes will be able to pick up their mini-water bottle or sports drink if they need it.
    • Athletes requested to discard water bottles into garbage cans to avoid TRIPPING HAZARD if thrown on the ground.
    • Athletes encouraged to be self-supported and carry your own hydration and nutrition.
  8. Finishing / Finish Line Procedures
    • Athletes will pass the finish line once (Quarter Marathon) or three times (Half Marathon) prior to finishing. This timing mat will ensure the integrity of our results and will allow you to take advantage of the finish line "aid station" as you continue your race.
    • On final lap, you will follow signage to the Finish "Lane" where you will cross the line and complete your race.
    • Upon crossing finish, please don your face mask / covering as soon as possible. If you lost yours, one will be provided to you.
    • Finisher Coins (Quarter Marathon) and Finisher Medals (Half Marathon) will be placed on a table monitored by a volunteer. Pick up your item based on the bib you are wearing!
    • Finisher hydration will also be placed on a table and available to you.
    • Please clear the finish chute and maintain social distancing protocols.
    • We encourage our athletes to proceed to post-race refreshments and not gather to the maximum extent possible
  9. Post-Race
    • Post-Race Refreshments and Hydration will be limited to "To Go" types of items.  Plastic bags will be provided.
    • Post-Race Food / Drink Coupon.  We have partnered with local restaurants & bars to offer you a FREE item.  More details will be provided later.
    • NO PAPER RESULTS will be provided, all results will be posted online.
    • NO OVERALL AWARDS and NO AGE GROUP AWARDS on race day. Winners will be contacted after the race to make arrangements for pickup or mailing.
    • Face masks / coverings are required.
    • Please practice social distancing.
    • Sanitizing stations will be available in the area of start / finish etc.
    • For this year, we will be encouraging our athletes to return to their vehicles and leave the venue as soon as they can. We look forward to a more fun gathering post-race experience in 2022!!
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